Web Updates, Email Marketing, Meta Tags, Tweeting, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads... it takes so much to grow a business, who has time left to manage it? You donít have a fortune to spend on outside services so you try a Do-it-Yourself approach. The reality is, you canít do it all yourself without losing quality performance in one area or the other.

Small businesses want a contact that provides professional logo, web and print design work where needed, while maintaining much of their marketing and printing in-houseÖ a contact with reasonable prices.

PASS is that contact!

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In-House or Do-it-Yourself Marketing

Stand Out!

Budget restrictions may preclude having a marketing department or dedicated public relations person. You may rely on administrative personnel to produce necessary marketing materials. PASS is adept at filling in the gaps.

How can "in-house" marketing help you?

  1. First, a review is made of current, usable materials. For example, are good quality photographs available?

  2. Then, current needs are established along with wish-list items that will encourage name recognition. Do you require folders, brochures, stationary, packaging, labeling?

  3. A program to foster further growth is established. Special mailings of postcards or newsletters may be scheduled.

  4. Our staff works hand-in-glove with yours.
    PASS may catalogue a file of photographs, letters, resumes, copy and publications to be used by your own staff as needed.

  5. Responsibilities to follow up the plan are defined. With the help of a word-processing or desktop publishing program, anyone can draw from these files to produce quality materials. All that is required is periodic updating to keep the files current and fresh.

As a result, everything produced by your staff has a coordinated, consistent appearance that will soon be instantly recognized as identifying you. At the same time, your reliance on outside services is reduced. Of course, PASS is still available to assist with more difficult assignments.



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