PASS is repeat winner of NSPRA, the National School Public Relations Association awards.

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The PASS Studio offers comprehensive graphic service programs to schools, libraries and municipalities.  Public awareness is a program of two-way communication that links your organization and the community, thereby enabling your organization to achieve its goals.

Effective communication is the backbone of our work. It inspires design materials that are individualized and yet simple enough to profoundly influence a wide audience. Our experience in the educational realm goes way back...

By 1997, PASS became increasingly conscious of an issue that was developing in the field of school construction.  The increase of capital improvement projects resulted in an increased need for safety during school construction. This would require extensive planning, monitoring and especially, communicating!

To satisfy this need, PASS developed the award-winning Parent/Teacher Construction Liaison Program. This was the first program of its kind that addressed communication between construction personnel, school administration, teachers and parents for the benefit of students. This award-winning model has since been used in countless districts and other applications.

Today, PASS concentrates on the media of communication, whether printed or web based. Our client list includes scores of school districts.

A New Experience...

In 2012, Debbie Orifici, owner of PASS Inc. was  invited to serve as co-advisor for the Tuckahoe High School Yearbook. PASS has worked with the District since 2007 on calendars, newsletters, logos and such, so the request was not unusual.

This was the first year in many that the class was taught as an after school activity and not during school hours. The team began a month behind schedule. Student support was minimal since these high-achieving students were already maxed out and unable to devote much more of their own time to the Yearbook. Still, with the help of a dedicated few, the beautiful yearbook was produced on time.

Starting in 2013, Ms. Orifici again serves as Yearbook advisor. This year, an after-school Yearbook Club caught on. With a team of dozens of students, the 2014 Yearbook should be even better than last year's!


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